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SA Documents

Apostilles: Ensure your documents are internationally recognised for legal and official purposes, simplifying processes such as obtaining visas or working abroad.

Police clearance certificates: Navigate the process of obtaining police clearance certificates efficiently, which are essential for various purposes like job applications, immigration, or residency permits.

Birth/marriage certificates: Handle vital records with ease, including birth and marriage certificates required for legal and administrative purposes in your new country.


Tourist visas: Plan your leisure travels with peace of mind, understanding visa requirements and procedures for seamless entry and stays in foreign countries.

Work visas: With our guidance on work visa applications, renewals, and compliance with immigration laws, pursue career opportunities abroad confidently.

Schengen visas: Explore Europe’s wonders without visa-related stress, understanding the Schengen visa process and requirements for hassle-free travel across participating countries.


Tax emigration: Understand and manage your tax obligations during emigration, including advice on tax residency, double taxation agreements, and financial planning.

Policy surrender: Navigate insurance-related processes smoothly, whether surrendering policies due to relocation or understanding insurance requirements in your new country.


SA citizenship services: Stay connected to your roots while abroad, with assistance on maintaining South African citizenship, passport renewals, and consular services.

Citizenship by investment: Explore opportunities for dual citizenship through investment programs, understanding eligibility criteria, application processes, and benefits.

Otros Servicios

Legal services: Address legal matters confidently with our network of legal experts, covering areas such as immigration law, contracts, property, and personal legal issues.

Death/Inheritance/Estate: Plan for the future and navigate inheritance and estate matters across borders, ensuring your assets and legacy are managed according to your wishes.

Property purchases/sales: Navigate property transactions abroad with ease, from purchasing or selling property to understanding local real estate laws and market trends.

At Evergration, we understand that moving abroad or managing life as an expatriate comes with unique challenges. Whether you are embarking on a new adventure overseas or already navigating the complexities of life abroad, we are here to offer comprehensive assistance and support tailored to South Africans.

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Our services are designed to address a wide range of needs and requirements, from essential document processing to complex legal and financial matters. We believe in personalised assistance, tailoring our support to your specific circumstances and goals, and ensuring that you receive the guidance and expertise you need at every stage of your international relocation or life abroad.

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With years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Our network of experts includes immigration specialists, legal advisors, financial consultants, and more, all committed to providing you with the best possible support and guidance.

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Our goal is to assist you with your immediate needs and empower you for the long term. Whether understanding complex visa regulations, managing tax obligations, navigating legal challenges, or planning for the future, we’re here to empower South Africans worldwide to thrive and succeed in their international endeavors.

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