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Navigating the rules and administrative duties around South African citizenship, especially when residing in another country, can be complex. At, we offer efficient and reliable services to assist South Africans abroad with various aspects of citizenship, including Determination of Citizenship Status, Retention of SA Citizenship, and Renunciation procedures. Explore how our services can help you manage your citizenship status effectively.

Determination of citizenship status

What is the determination of citizenship status?

The Determination of Citizenship Status for South Africa is the process of verifying an individual’s South African citizenship status. This procedure is crucial for those who may have questions about their citizenship due to various circumstances, such as being born to a South African parent but not registered in South Africa or being born in a previous part of South Africa (e.g., Namibia) while it was still part of South Africa.

How can assist

We facilitate the Determination of Citizenship Status process by guiding you through the necessary steps and documentation required by the Department of Home Affairs. Our experts ensure that your application is prepared accurately and submitted efficiently for timely resolution.

Retention of South African citizenship

What is a Letter of Retention of South African citizenship?

Before acquiring citizenship in another country, South African citizens must apply for the retention of their South African citizenship. This process is essential to avoid unintentional loss of South African citizenship when applying for foreign citizenship.

How can assist

Our services include assisting you with completing the required forms, such as BI-1664 (Application for Retention of South African Citizenship), and gathering the necessary supporting documents, including your South African passport and residence permit in the foreign country. We ensure that your application for retention is processed smoothly to maintain your South African citizenship.

Renunciation of South African citizenship

In cases where acquiring a new citizenship requires renouncing South African citizenship, our services can guide you through the renunciation process.

How can assist

We assist with completing the Renunciation of South African Citizenship application form, DHA-246, and gathering the supporting documents, including proof of new foreign citizenship or confirmation of application for another citizenship. Our expertise ensures that your renunciation application is handled efficiently and effectively.

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Navigating the complexities of South African citizenship while living abroad requires precision and clarity. At, we understand the importance of maintaining your South African citizenship status and offer tailored services to assist you every step of the way.

Through our Determination of Citizenship Status process, we ensure that your South African citizenship is verified accurately, providing peace of mind regarding your legal status. Our Retention of SA Citizenship services safeguard your citizenship while pursuing opportunities in other countries, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

In cases where renunciation is necessary, our expertise streamlines the process, guiding you through the necessary steps to fulfill legal obligations seamlessly.

With, you can navigate your South African citizenship journey confidently, knowing that our dedicated team is here to support you with professional and efficient services.

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