The Hungarian PassportHungarian citizens that wish to travel and reside abroad might have to get their official public documents authenticated before they can be used outside of Hungary. International governments are tasked with authenticating documents through a process called legalisation, and depending on the documents you want to use outside of Hungary and what the destination country is, these processes can be both complicated and time-consuming. Here at Evergration, we offer a wide range of document legalisation services to help minimise the timeframe for our clients.

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Document legalisation services for Hungary

Hungary Apostille

In order to use your Hungarian documents abroad, you must them legalised by the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This is done with a special stamp called an apostille. These stamps ensure the authenticity of official documents and verify that the documents are genuine and comply with the laws of the Apostille Convention. You can learn more about our apostille service here.

Police Clearance

Hungarian citizens that wish to apply for visas or immigration processes in another country, and also any non-Hungarian citizens whose place of permanent residence has been in Hungary during the past 3 or 5 year period (foreign students attending one of the prestigious academic institutions of Hungary wishing to establish residence abroad, just to give one example among the many) will be required to produce a valid Police Clearance Certificate or Certificate of Good Conduct (CGC) in their new country of planned residence. This essential document is issued by the competent Criminal Record Department. You can learn more about how we can assist you in obtaining your ‘Erkölcsi Bizonyítvány’ certificate by following this link.

Embassy Attestations

Whenever your public documents have to be authenticated for use outside of Hungary and the country you are travelling to is not a member of the Hague Convention, your documents will have to be authenticated by means of an Embassy Attestation (Nagykövetség igazolása.) This is yet another legalisation service that we can assist you with. You can follow this link to learn more about the process.

Certificate of No Impediment

If you plan to get married abroad you will need to submit a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) along with other vital documents before you can legally get married. You can learn more about the process of applying for your CNI (a házasság akadálya nélküli igazolás) by following this link. We also offer a legalisation service that can help you obtain your Hungarian Marriage Certificate.

Birth Certificate

At times, you might be required to produce a Hungarian Birth Certificate (születési anyakönyvi kivonat), which can be obtained from the Civil Registrar’s Office having jurisdiction (this is decided, in essence, based on the location where such event took place) . These vital documents are often required when you wish to travel abroad or apply for an immigration process. You can learn more about our service by following this link.

Marriage Certificate

For Hungarian citizens already in a visa or residency process in another country, you will be more than likely to be requested by the country’s immigration authorities to provide a Marriage Certificate from Hungary in any case you wish to apply for your spouse to join you as a family member. The need might arise for your Hungarian Marriage Certificate with or without legalisation, in most cases Apostilled also simply because you need to register your marriage outside of Hungary. Follow this link to learn more about how we can help you obtain a copy of your marriage certificate.

Death Certificate

Whether it be for you as Hungarian citizen or someone previously married in Hungary wishing to re-marry or being party to an inheritance process conducted abroad, there are a number of processes that will require you to produce an authenticated and oftentimes legalised and Apostilled copy of a Hungarian Death Certificate, issued by the competent Civil Registrar’s Office. You can learn more about how we can assist you in obtaining a death certificate by following this link.

Property Search

We offer fast and convenient access to full Title Deed copies, as well as up-to-date Land Registry extracts of any registered  property situated in Hungary, from the Central Database of the Hungarian Property Register. We work with attorneys and estate agents in order to access the Land Registry of Hungary and help our clients receive the appropriate property search reports for any property in question.


We offer fast, easy and secure document legalisation services for documents originating from Hungary, including Apostilles, translation, and notarization services. You can learn more about our services and pricing by getting in touch with the Evergration team today to start your consultation.

We take the time to really understand your legalisation needs and work with you, step-by-step, to ensure you get the right documents in a timely fashion.


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