Hungarian Embassy Attestation

At times, you might need to have your official documents authenticated for legal use outside of Hungary. If the country you intend to use your documents in is not a member country of the Apostille Convention (also known as the Hague Convention), your documents will have to go through the Hungarian Embassy Attestation process. This means that if you want to use your Hungarian degree for official purposes in a country like China, for example, it has to be verified and authenticated by the Chinese Embassy.


What are Hungarian Embassy Attestations?

It is important to keep in mind that your documents will have to be apostilled or authenticated by the High Court before they can be sent in for attestation. Once the authentication process is complete, your documents are sent over to the embassy in question for attestation.

The fees and processing times for Hungarian Embassy Attestation vary greatly depending on a range of factors including currency fluctuations and the current demand. It is wise to remember that these fees can sometimes be very high, so you should monetarily prepare yourself for the process before starting.


Why you might need to get your documents attested

Documents that are attested are validated as genuine, which can help make the process of using your documents abroad much simpler. An attestation is a form of document authentication which is a legal necessity for cross-border undertakings that involve personal or career-related advancements, including:

  • Applying for visas or passports
  • Applying for an emigration process or work status change
  • Verification of World Education Services (WES) and International Qualification Assessment (IQAS)

Hungarian Embassy Attestations is a complex process that requires careful attention to details that demands expertise and a thorough understanding of all steps followed in the procedure. Undertaking to do this on your own can lead to unnecessary delays and expenses.


Why use Evergration’s Hungarian Embassy Attestation Service?

Legalizing documents with foreign embassies and consulates in Hungary can be a tiresome process. With most resources on the internet not offering enough information on the process, it can be confusing and costly to do this yourself. Evergration offers an Embassy Attestation service that makes the whole task a lot easier and faster.

Our embassy legalisation services can help ensure that your important documents are correctly submitted to the relevant embassy. And to help ensure a quick turnaround on these services, we process documents on a daily basis. To avoid any unnecessary delays, we have a thorough knowledge of each consulate’s attestation requirements. We can arrange for your documents to be processed through most of the embassies and consulates in Hungary.

Even though each embassy has its own rules and procedures for submitting documents, our experienced team knows how to correctly apply for the relevant stamps and certificates.