Russian Police Clearance Certificate

For reasons such as obtaining a residence permit or applying for a work permit or visa, you might be required to submit a Russian Police Clearance Certificate, also known as a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction. This certificate might seem simple to apply for, but the waiting periods for obtaining your certificate might be very long if you undertake to do it on your own. On this page, we will tell you more about what this certificate is, and how we can help you obtain yours.


What is a Russian Police Clearance Certificate?

A Russian Police Clearance Certificate is a document that proves the lack or existence of criminal records against an individual. These certificates are issued by the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation.

Whenever a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction has to be issued for official use abroad, it will also have to be legalised. When the document is issued, they will issue it in accordance with the country you want to use it in’s regulations.


Depending on the targeted country, your document might need to be legalised in steps which include:

  • Apostillisation
  • Translation
  • Notarization
  • Certification of the certificate by the consulate of the country in question


Why do I need a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction?

A valid Russian Police Clearance Certificate will be required for all Russian citizens that wish to apply to live and work abroad. Although it generally takes very long for these certificates to be issued if you apply in your personal capacity, the processing time can be cut down considerably when you make use of a document service like Evergration. Some reasons why you might need to produce a Certificate of No Criminal Conviction include applying for:

  • Residence permits
  • Citizenship in a foreign country
  • Visa
  • Work permits
  • Family reunification
  • A new bank account


What is the validity of a Russian Police Clearance Certificate?

Russian Certificates of No Criminal Conviction are valid for three months in foreign countries. This means that you will have to take into account that the validity period is only counted from the date of issuance of the certificate and not from the date of actual receipt of the document.


How Evergration can help you

If you need to obtain your Certificate of No Criminal Conviction as soon as possible, our team of document experts can help you. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our range of services and pricing options.