United Kingdom

United Kingdom passport
The United Kingdom passport

The legalisation of documents for the United Kingdom is a process of document authentication observed by international governments. If you wish to use your UK documents abroad, local authorities require them to be legalised before they can be considered valid. Each country has its own legalisation requirements, determined by the type of document being legalised and its intended use.

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United Kingdom Document and Legalisation Services Offered:

Apostille: An Apostille is a stamp that ensures the authenticity of official documents. Apostilles are issued by The Foreign and Commonwealth Office in order to certify that your documents are genuine, in line with the Apostille Convention. You can learn more about Apostilles here.

Police Certificate: UK nationals that wish to apply for an immigration process or extended visa abroad will be required to produce a valid police certificate as part of the application process. You can also learn more about the process of applying for and obtaining a DBS certificate (similar to a Police Certificate) here.

Embassy Attestations: When documents have to be authenticated for use in another country, and that country does not belong to the Hague Convention, the document will have to be attested by the embassy of the destination country. Learn more about the process by following this link.

Certificate of No Impediment: If you are planning to get married abroad, the authorities of that country will request you to submit a Certificate of No Impediment. You can follow this link to learn more about the process of obtaining your CNI. If you need information on obtaining a copy of your Marriage Certificate, we can assist in the matter as well.

Full Birth Certificate: At times, you might be required to produce a full birth certificate for official use abroad. Click here to learn more about when this document will be required and how we can help you obtain yours.

Please note: Due to a change in circumstances, we no longer offer Divorce Decrees for England and Wales. However, it is still possible for you to acquire them on your own via the government. We can happily assist with Scottish Divorce Certificates and a Decree of Divorce for Scotland

Click here to learn more about how to order an English/Welsh Divorce Decree from the government.

We offer fast, easy and secure document legalisation services for United Kingdom documents, including Apostilles, translation, and notarization services. You can learn more about our services and pricing by getting in touch with the Evergration team today to start your consultation.


We take the time to really understand your legalisation needs and work with you, step-by-step, to ensure you get the right documents in a timely fashion.


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  1. Dr. Paul G. Nicholson

    Greetings: My wife and I are Canadians, currently located here in South Africa for an extended period. We require “Police Clearance Certificates” from both the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, for our South African ‘Retirement Visa’ application. This all seems quite complicated. Can you take care of this for us, if we provide the necessary documentation for you?
    Thank you, sincerely Dr. Paul G. Nicholson.

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