Embassy Attestations

When documents have to be authenticated for use in another country, and that country does not belong to the Hague Convention (also known as the Apostille Convention), the document will have to be attested by the embassy of the destination country. This means that, for example,  if you want to use your UK degree for official purposes in China, you would have to verify it and take it to the Chinese Embassy for attestation. This is what is known as Embassy Attestations.

When a document is attested, the correct term for this process is called legalisation, although most people refer to the term “embassy attestations”.

Some UK documents need to be attested by the Embassy to verify their validity

How do Embassy Attestations work?

Before your documents can be attested, the embassy requires your documents to be apostilled or high court authenticated. After this step has been completed, the document can be sent over to the embassy in question for attestation.

All embassies have their own fees and waiting periods. These fees do vary from time to time, based on demand and other factors such as currency fluctuations. In order to prepare for the process monetarily, it is wise to remember that these fees can sometimes be very high.

Why use Evergration’s Embassy Attestation Service?

Legalising documents with foreign embassies and consulates in the UK can be a tiresome process. With most resources on the internet not offering enough information on the process, it can be confusing and costly to do this yourself. Evergration offers an Embassy Attestations service that makes the whole task a lot easier and faster.

Our embassy attestation services can help ensure that your important documents are correctly submitted to the relevant embassy. And to help ensure a quick turnaround on these services, we process documents on a daily basis. To avoid any unnecessary delays, we have a thorough knowledge of each consulate’s attestation requirements. We can arrange for your documents to be processed through most of the embassies and consulates in the UK.

Even though each embassy has its own rules and procedures for submitting documents, our experienced team knows how to correctly apply for the relevant stamps and certificates.